The Cosmic Origin of the Genetic Code The Standard Genetic Code A Twofold Projection of the Classical Geocentric Cosmos

Supplements to: The Cosmic-Trichotomic Parallelism of the Genetic Code An Aid to Situating Heredity in Reality
Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 118, 2023, P. 89-90 | DOI: 10.18756/edn.118.89


The data from this paper supplement the article “The Cosmic-Trichotomic

Parallelism of the Genetic Code” (see Elemente der Naturwissenschaft Nr. 117). These additions concern the following topics: notes on the method (introduction), codon degeneracy and the cosmic parallelism of the genetic code, the question of why there are 32 un-spliced abN codons, additional evidence for the female-male property of the two projections, additional evidence for L-tryptophan as a representative of the Sun, and a colored table of the genetic code showing cosmic parallelism. The section titled “Discussion and Significance of the Article” is expanded to include additional remarks on the origin of the genetic code, the cosmic structure of the genetic code and the human skeleton, cosmic evolution, parallelisms in life chemistry and education, and the debate on atomism versus phenomenology and symbolism.

A supplement to this article by the author can be downloaded here:
Supplement by Jef Struyf