The Elemente der Naturwissenschaft: a short introduction

The Elemente der Naturwissenschaftis one of the oldest scientific journals dedicated to Goetheanistic research methods. It has appeared regularly for over fifty years and focuses on the publication of empirical research expanded by anthroposophy or with a Goetheanistic orientation or holistic approach, from the fields of biology, physics, chemistry and related disciplines. Many of the published articles have been of outstanding importance for the development of Goetheanistic and phenomenological methods in the various disciplines.

As a multidisciplinary journal the Elemente is defined less by specific topics or research fields than by the attempt to combine established scientific methods with less established contextual or complementary methods, such as those based in particular on morphological, Goetheanistic and phenomenological approaches. As these methods are not an alternative to but rather an extension of established methods, the Elemente der Naturwissenschaft with its specific profile aims to be an addition to the field of peer-reviewed scientific journals.