Laying the Foundations of a New Science

Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 78, 2003, P. 131-132 | DOI: 10.18756/edn.78.131


I met Georg Maier 19 years ago, when I first attended a January physics meeting in Dornach. Since then I have seen him many times. What has struck me is his kindness, open mindedness, lack of dogmatism and lack of pomposity. In particular, though his approach to physics is extremely Goethean, he is also interested in other approaches, like my own. Two of my somewhat heterodox articles about science were published by Georg Maier in “Elemente der Naturwissenschaft” and I think he was very glad to do so.

I shall in this article briefly consider, what can be our approach to official science, as it now exists. Scientific predictions, even in my own field of astrophysics, are often very successful; we can mention as an example present ideas about the interior of the Sun. Modern technology, which dominates the world in many ways, is based on the results of modern science. It must in particular be emphasized that this science lies at the foundation of modern materialism and that any spiritual movement like Anthroposophy must look at whether another understanding of science and indeed another sort of science are possible. Such a refounding of science must not only involve intellectual thinking, but must be based on inner soul experiences, able also to deeply affect feeling and willing. There are in addition major contradictions between certain statements of Rudolf Steiner and generally accepted scientific ideas, which need to be properly looked at.