Wolfram Schwenk – Seeing Water in a New Way

22. April 1942 – 1. November 2014
Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 102, 2015, P. 87-92 | DOI: 10.18756/edn.102.87


In order to study water, to come to know it on its own terms, one needs to become more fully human, to awaken inner capacities that are not unlike the very nature of water itself: to become inwardly mobile, open, flexible, selfless and true to purpose, to task. To work in this way is to develop exact observation skills of something that is not static, but rather, is evermoving, everchanging. Finding the higher principles at work in water, or through water, that serve life: this was Wolfram’s goal. The wisdom of movement in water and the everchanging forming capacities of water demonstrated by his father Theodor Schwenk, in the classic Sensitive Chaos, was at the heart of Wolfram’s work. From this foundation questions arose: “What is good water”? Beyond the removal of impurities, what makes good water “good”? What is the nature of “quality” as it pertains to water? What are the constituents of “quality” in water? How do these qualities serve life? [...]