The Cosmic-Trichotomic Parallelism of the Genetic Code An Aid to Situating Heredity in Reality

Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 117, 2022, P. 71-90 | DOI: 10.18756/edn.117.71


This article searches for numerical, proportional and structural similarities between the classical geocentric cosmos and the genetic code. Two genetic code tables are presented: the standard one and a new table based on third position synonyms. The comparison shows a parallelism between the genetic code and the classical geocentric cosmos. The genetic code entails two projections of the classical cosmos. Rudolf Steiner’s description of cosmic evolution is essential for an understanding of these two projections. Cosmic evolution is also human evolution and signs of this evolution are visible in the two projections. The discussion presents reasons for the lack of publications on the subject of this article and discusses the universality of the code and how heredity is rooted in reality.

A supplement to this article by the author can be downloaded here:
Supplement by Jef Struyf

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