Towards a Spiritualized Science Concerned with the Beings around Us

Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 41, 1984, P. 35-43 | DOI: 10.18756/edn.41.35


According to spiritual conceptions such as those of anthroposophy, the world only consists of spiritual beings. They range from elementals to the beings of the hierarchies and to the divine. Modern science on the other hand appears to teach a completely contradictory philosophy; the laws of physics, that is the laws of what is material, explain everything. Scientific results are based on rational deduction following experiments and observations ; they have had to survive criticism by those who challenged them, and are known to work in modern technology. In comparison spiritual teachings given by a few or even in some cases by only one master can appear crazy, in particular in their descriptions of various spiritual beings.

The aim of this article is to indicate a path which may unite science with the spiritual, to show that present results of science if developed in certain directions may lead in quite a rational way to a spiritual view of the world. An attempt to identify the nature of consciousness in a clear way will be made, and the concepts so formed will then be applied in four stages to indicate the path. An aim for science will be suggested, also related to its various roles in human society.

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