Ein zweiteiliger Leserbrief

Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 82, 2005, S. 138-139 | DOI: 10.18756/edn.82.138


Dear Sir,

You have published an article by Dirk Rohde, ‘Experiments at Moon-Saturn conjunctions using the capillary dynamolysis method of Lili Kolisko’ (Vol. 79, 2002, p. 123-131). An English translation appears in ‘Archetype’ (No. 10, September 2004) and also on the web at www.anth.org.uk/Science/kolisko.htm. Rohde gets no forms. Using the mix of iron, silver and lead solutions in much the same way as Kolisko pioneered and as was modified by Agnes Fyfe (‘Über die Variabilität von Silber-Eisen Steigbildern’, Elemente d. N. 6, 1967, pp. 35-43; Fyfe used designed petri dishes and smaller amounts of solutions than had Kolisko), his filter papers lack the very distinctive arrow-shaped forms that will normally ‘grow’ around seeds of precipitated silver as the solution streams upwards. Readers may like to inspect what these forms should look like on the mentioned website. One can there see the recent (2002) experiments by Guy Desbiolles that well show this nucleation process. In my experience, if the forms don’t appear there is little point in doing an experiment. The purpose of these experiments is to investigate the formative-forces associated with silver, the Moon-metal, and these forms on the paper are therefore central. The idea is that they tend to fade away during an experiment conducted through the period before and during a conjuction, so one needs them there to start with. [...]