Biocrystallisation and Steigbild results at the Louis Bolk Instituut

Bildschaffende Methoden
Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 87, 2007, S. 118-123 | DOI: 10.18756/edn.87.118


Holistic methods for measuring the quality of food products are developed from the point of view that living organisms contain an ‘inner structure’ constituting the compounds in the organism. This ‘inner structure’ is believed to be connected to the growth and development (i.e. farming system) of the organism. Different holistic methods are regarded to reflect this ‘inner structure’.

The Louis Bolk Institute (LBI) participates within the international Triangle network (LBI, the Netherlands; BRAD, Denmark and Uni Kas sel, Germany) in the standardisation and validation of the biocrystallisa tion method. Parallel to this work the Steigbild or Capillary dynamolysis method, a second picture forming method, is standardised too.

The standardisation of the methods entails developing standardised procedures and evaluation tools. The evaluation of crystallisations is based on computerised Image Analysis and Visual Evaluation. The Visual Evalu ation is developed according to ISO norm 11035 for sensory analysis, adapted to meet the biocrystallisation pictures. In this way, 14 textural and structural morphological criteria have been developed and validated within the Triangle. The steigbild pictures are evaluated visually only. [...]

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