A transdisciplinary cosmology

The Creative Cosmos. Erwin Laszlo. Floris books. ISBN: 9780863151729
Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 62, 1995, S. 53-55 | DOI: 10.18756/edn.62.53


In his comments on the relationship of science and the «New Age» Basfelad identified two broad classifications of books appearing in the last two decades or so concerned with the modern need to make the sciences the basis of a more comprehensive world conception. In short, one class was seen as a combination of thermodynamics and chaos theory and the other as a blend of holistic science and mysticism (Basfeld 1987). Although Laszlo wants to avoid any mystical elements there is some justification for placing his book «The Creative Cosmos» in both of Basfeld’s classifications. Without doubt, the way in which higher worlds (eg. etheric) manifest themselves in the world of the senses is a matter of interest to scientists working with anthroposophy. This being so, they may wonder if Laszlo’s use of the ether idea will help them with their quest. As the title indicates, Laszlo sets out to develop a comprehensive transdisciplinary cosmology. There is hardly a branch of knowledge or art left untouched. The main groupings in the title are treated with equal thoroughness. [...]

  • Basfeld, M. (1987): Bemerkung zum Verhältnis von Naturwissenschaft und New Age. Elemente d. N. 47