Biomedizin - Forschung zwischen Naturwissenschaft und Geisteswissenschaft. Widerspruch oder Ergänzung?

Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 66, 1997, P. 1-15 | DOI: 10.18756/edn.66.1


According to current understanding, the aim of natural science is defined as follows: Research into nature on the basis of space and time, logic and causality, analysis and synthesis founded on reality. In biomedical research, these criteria have not led to the same level of success as they did in technology and industry. Because of this failure, leading scientists in theoretical physics have looked for an alternative foundation to analyse and explain the life processes of organisms. Despite substantial insight into the structure of matter, both the organisational principles of living beings and the concept of life itself have escaped thorough explanation and reasoning.

The most important obstacle to progress lies in the fact that the results of theoretical physics - the basis of all natural sciences and of ontology in particular - have not been integrated into the concepts of biomedicine. Moreover, most scientists are ignorant of spiritual science and resist acknowledging the existence of spiritual organisational principles and structures. On the basis of comprehensible criteria it will be shown that such principles and structures with respect to the origin, evolution and function of organisms exist. It is postulated that they have to be integrated into the framework of biomedical research in order to improve its success in diagnosis.